Can You Develop Large Traps Without Steroids?

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If you want to get bigger, stronger, and aesthetic physique so, it is important to bigger the traps.

Despite aesthetic physique, the trapezius muscle can really make a difference in your look. The look plays more for the celebrities and the bodybuilders.

Many individuals are trying the steroids practice, workout training, and the nutrition to achieve their goals.

For every type of goals, the anabolic steroids come in the top. Unfortunately, the anabolic steroids are loaded with the side-effects.

The consumption of steroids in the bodybuilding and the sports are very common because they want everything within a short period of time.

But, some of the individuals want an alternative and natural way that is free from the steroids.

It seems critical because there are many people think that the steroids and bodybuilding come side by side.

The anabolic steroids are not only illegal but, also they are dangerous for the health.

This is the reason, we have decided to write this article along with some reasons to build up the muscle mass without using any drugs.

If you want to build up the muscle mass without taking help from the anabolic steroids so, this place is right for you.

You have seen many celebrities that have a greater appearance along with the wider or bigger traps. The bigger trapezius muscle can make a bigger difference in the look.

The 3D Delts or traps are characteristics of the modern fitness model. The guys give an extra attention to their parts of the body.

The wider Traps are the best part of Pro Wrestler, Pro Bodybuilder, And The Strongman Competitor.

Lou Ferrigno is one of the names who has played a role in “The Hulk” TV Series.

If you are not aware of the name of Traps so, here in this blog, I have also mentioned the short or enough information regarding the Traps.

Some of the individuals naturally develop the traps but, there is a large difference in the traps of natural one or the steroid user. There is a large difference in the artificial and natural look.

The traps that are developed without using any steroid are looking more artificial and Photoshop looks as compared to the natural.

In this post, we are going to discuss that how can you build up the incredible muscle without using steroids.

The relation of anabolic steroids and shoulders is very strong because the shoulders have high androgen receptors and a first part of the body to react.

The celebrities rock in the gym by the larger traps. Most probably, their workouts are too much strict. They want to build up the traps on shoulders.

Zyzz is famous for his muscle look and the drugs allow to preserve. The training for trapezius muscle requires the strict workout training and the nutrition.

Building Traps Through Natural Methods

Building up the traps can really gain the attention from muscle addicts even those who don’t know the difference between the biceps and traps.

The Photoshop look also play a role in their field due to the effect of anabolic steroids and the human growth hormone.

Everything is possible by following the natural methods. The natural method requires a lot of hard work of dedication.

The anabolic steroids make this task easier. You can develop any skeletal muscle effectively without using steroids.

The small waist and the canon shoulders gives the V-taper appearance.

There are many individuals who have this question whether these drugs are really achievable through steroids or require the natural methods.

The drugs may destroy your endocrine system and can interfere with some of the facial features.

There is a large difference between the traps of the natural one and the steroid user.

You can see the most developed traps on the drug-free athletes and Olympic lifters. There is a difference in the gaining of both bodybuilding and the powerlifting.

The shoulders have a sign of power and muscularity. The 3D Delts is actually linked to the steroid use.

What Are The Traps?

The traps are one of the largest and most prominent muscles of the body that contribute to the thickness of upper and back muscle.

The development of Traps contribute to the appearance.

The main function of trapezius muscle is to move the shoulder blades inside. The shoulder is a group of small muscles that is activated from the upper body exercises.

The pushing movements such as the bench press, push-ups, and dips are the best during the training.

One of the most important goals of the bodybuilding is to build up the Aesthetic Physique, Round And 3D Delts.

The 100 lifters that can lift the muscle group, it does not really a matter. The Sculpted Abs means the proper nutrition and monster at lifting the heavyweights.

The only diet is not responsible for giving you the decent Abs and the thicker muscle is a result of the training.

The Workouts For Developing The Bigger Traps

Have you ever wonder that the bodybuilders have such curved trapezius muscle.

The large trapezius muscle and stingray shaped muscle can develop through workout training and nutrition.

The trapezius muscle works as to stabilize the shoulders and upper back.

The Shrugs

The shrugs are very common and the best way to activate trapezius muscle.

The power shrugs and the high pulls are the best one.

  • In the very first, standing up with a good posture
  • Raise your shoulder as high as you can
  • Hold for the two seconds and released to the relaxed position.
  • Repeat this step for 20 times.

Most of the people in a gym have spent the time on lateral raises to develop the deltoid.

The compound exercises are the overhead press and handstand push-up work.

The direct shoulder exercise is the standing overhead barbell press and the king of shoulder training. This exercise can hit the gym.

Chin ups and pull ups are not such good exercises for the traps.

The variation is fine as compared to everything. The pull-ups and chin-ups can do the set of 8-10 reps. You can add the weight.

These sets and reps are not the recommended, you can make the variations.

The large traps and the huge biceps can give you the increased strength and core.

If you want to develop the large traps so, train the traps for three times per week on the alternative days.

There are almost 6-12 sets of every set. These sets are scientifically proven to deliver the result and stimulate the growth of muscle.

You can take the workout to next level effectively without any kind of the failure.

Getting the really strong at overhead pressing and a lot of volume on lateral raises. The shoulder pressing is not effective for the big shoulders.

The heavy overhead pressing plays an important role to develop 75-80% of muscle growth. Other 20-25% can gain from the isolation movements.

  • Seated Behind The Neck Shoulder Press

The classic neck shoulder is an essential exercise to build up the muscle.

The deltoids are the best to build up the muscle and the side deltoids.

  • Hang Cleans

The Olympic weightlifters are good to develop the massive traps.

  • Upright Row

Upright row is a popular exercise to strengthen the trapezius muscle, you can combine It with the dumbbells and barbell.

  • Push Up

There are many variations of the Push Up. You can do the standard push up on the floor.

The best trap exercises are the pulling movements that can improve the strength level.

To build up the great traps, it is important to make your back more strong.

  • High Rep Isolation

The high rep isolation can definitely work as to get lateral raises.

The progressive overload is the main drive of the muscle growth.

  • Limit The Training For 3 Times Per Week

Whenever you are doing the hard work out, your body requires the time to recover.

The recovery process allows you to improve the energy levels for workout training.

  • The Compound Lifts

The compound exercises are good to improve the focus.

These exercises are including the deadlifts, squats, bench press, and the rows.

The other workouts are the barbell rows, machine rows, T-bar rows, Lat-pull downs, machine rows, cable rows, deadlifts, and the Pull-overs.

How Anabolic Steroids Act On The Development Of Traps?

The anabolic steroid does a lot for the Traps development. The androgen receptors are present in the traps or shoulder area that makes a lot.

build huge traps with steroids

The steroids play a role around the human neck and limb muscles. According to the scientific study, use of steroids for shoulder gives an amazing result.

The peoples have a desire to walk around with their shirt off. The best way is having a thick neck and the larger traps.

The Olympic lifts for the several years.

There is a risk of high blood pressure when the bodybuilders do the workouts and steroid practice in the excessive amount.

The Anabolic Steroids For The Bigger Traps

The anabolic steroids for the bigger traps are Equipoise, Trenbolone, And Masteron.

  • Trenbolone

The Trenbolone can cause the heavy breathing, an elevated temperature of the body, insomnia, erectile dysfunction, dark color of the urine, paranoia, and the reduction in appetite.

The evidence reveals the effects on the size of a shoulder.

  • Testosterone

Testosterone is a main hormone that can help you to achieve all of the bodybuilding goals.

The improved level of testosterone in the bodybuilding can give you a lot of benefits such as the leaner body and shredded physique.

Testosterone has an ability to stimulate the protein synthesis, build up the muscle mass, and power up the strength.


Train only one part of the body is not a perfect way. You should train each part of the body in the most efficient and effective way.

Make some variation in the routine instead of following the old methods.

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