Does Cardio Affect Muscle Growth?

muscle growth

This is a common perception among bodybuilders who are frequently warned not to consider cardio if their focus is more towards getting jacked.

Surprisingly, cardio is generally treated this way- something that can prevent the potential growth of muscle mass and affect the ones that already exist.

But believe it or not, this is simply absurd with no logical reasoning to back.

I’ve personally witnessed people overlooking the significance of cardio and keeping it out of their training regime.

That is definitely an idea people with a thorough insight of bodybuilding would never agree to.

Of course, when you intend to pack on serious mass and that too, on a very quick note, paying extra attention on aerobic training will not lead you to any good.

Specifically there are some people that spend a lot of time on it, while they majorly aim to grow and enlarge.

In a situation like this- yes, cardio will somehow affect their growth.

But when you limit it to half an hour, preferably following it on alternate days, it will never turn a threat for your mass gaining progress at all.

In addition to that, make sure you are taking a diet that is not just good enough, but sufficient enough too.


We have always prioritized cardio when we have felt the need of chiseling and definition.

And hence, always considered it an essential part of the cutting process.

But much to our surprise, we need cardio during the bulking phase too.


Now you may be very thin and lean or fat and chubby, assuming yourself to be in a right body shape to embark on your mass gaining journey.

But would there be any sense if you are fine with adding on mass all encompassed or worst, covered with fat?

Of course not and you are definitely not expecting something like this to happen.

But that could turn true if you are and will continue to overlook cardio while struggling hard with your muscle building efforts.

I mean, can you stop gaining fat any other way while your actual efforts are meant for mass?

Of course no, there is no other way except for cardio to prevent such from happening.

Thereby, accept it as your needed muscle building support so that you are able to gain pure muscles or at least, end up with little fats for the following, cutting phase ahead.


The benefits of cardio are not restricted to the prevention of fat gain while you are up for mass.

In fact, there is a lot more for you to know how well it could favor you during the entire muscle building phase.

Like for example:

  1. It fire ups appetite, making more room for calories.
  2. It clears up fat allowing your muscles to appear more prominent and define.
  3. It decontaminates your blood from contamination and harmful acids that cause muscle tenderness and pain.
  4. It facilitates the muscles to pump additional level of blood which favors them with sufficient oxygen, ATP and amino acids.
  5. It increases sensitivity to insulin that further supports fat loss.


It’s always good to learn from the ones we call as the ‘doctors’ of bodybuilding.

And in this case, they believe that the right kind of cardio mass gainers should consider and follow is interval training.

Now there are two reasons why they have prioritized interval trainings over others:

  • It is not lengthy.
  • It is high intensity.

The combination makes interval trainings a perfect choice to grip your focus on muscle gains, while keeping all the unnecessary fats at bay.


So next time you get to hear anything discouraging about cardio, avoid believing.

Just remember that your body needs cardio for all the good reasons and all the best fitness outcomes.

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