Does Vitamin D Boost Testosterone Level?

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Vitamin D is no ordinary micronutrient our body can healthily survive without.

It is an imperative nutrient that comes with a long list of benefits we need for the proper maintenance and functioning of our body.

Specifically, if we look from the fitness perspective, we need Vitamin D far more than we think we do.

Experts believe that Vitamin D has a reasonable contribution in the growth of muscles.

Besides this, it is also found to possess Meta-boosting effects that could make it a valuable support one would profoundly need during its weight loss process.

In addition to its muscle building and weight reduction abilities, Vitamin D has been extensively credited for its role in the enhancement of virility.

Frankly speaking, if all these benefits associated with it are true, then its deprivation could significantly pull you back away from your fitness goals- no matter what they are.


As we have stated earlier, Vitamin D is no ordinary vitamin neither does our body reacts to it in a manner it does to the other key vitamins.

On top of that- its sources are completely different too.

We majorly get Vitamin D when our skin gets in contact with the sunlight; however, some amount of it can be also obtained from the diet we take.

In general, foods that can help us get Vitamin D are:

  • Beef liver
  • Fatty fish
  • Cod liver oil
  • Oysters
  • Egg yolk
  • Cheese
  • Shrimps
  • Mushrooms

Surprisingly, there aren’t much of options for those who choose to obtain it from foods.

And if someone is vegetarian, the options are further reduced and limited.

But there are dietary supplements to fill the void in such cases.

There are many of these formulas that heavily focus on supplying Vitamin D so that the body is completely nourished with the amount it takes to mold it your way.


You may have generally heard that Vitamin D is a testosterone booster.

And you are understandably here to know how much weight does this saying bear.

Basically, a clear-cut connection between Vitamin D and the growth of testosterone was discovered by some medical experts.

According to which, the production of testosterone is likely to get a boost from both, that is, vitamin D, as well as its major source, sunlight.

Talking about Vitamin D first, it has been revealed that the micronutrient supports a peaceful sleep that favors our body in a number of ways.

For example, your body is able to relax, get sufficient time to repair and more importantly, get energized for the coming day ahead.

But on top of all these benefits, a good, peaceful sleep allows the body to release a sufficient level of testosterone that are more likely to release when the body is at rest.

Strange isn’t it? But that’s true.

But unfortunately, we have literally underestimated the value of adequate sleep today.

We have become so involved with work and other activities that we have almost overlooked the fact how sleep deprivation can harm us.

Believe it or not, poor sleep causes your testosterone to drop and rest can be assumed.

Then come to the reason how the major source of vitamin D advantages the production of testosterone in our body.

Science says that the direct exposure to sun encourages our brain to produce Luteinizing hormone (interstitial cell–stimulating hormone) that ultimately aids in the making of T.

Basically, LH has a positive influence on the Leydig cell, a stimulation to which leads in the efficient growth of testosterone.

Hence, we can regard Vitamin D as one of the smartest ways to elevate testosterone levels.

Its effects in this connection are becoming more and more highlighted lately.


Now it would sound more than a surprise to you that the healthy intake of Vitamin D supports your body to produce 25% of more testosterone in a year than the concentration you are able to reach normally.

But of course, there isn’t a need for you to sit all day long in the sun for excessive sunlight can turn dangerous too.

There are other options you can seek like balancing your diet with foods rich in vitamin D and taking Vitamin D supplements.

The best we can suggest to our valuable readers is Testogen because we are yet to find a formula offering the same quality and value like this.

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