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How To Get Rid Of Gyno: Does It Really Work? INSANE Results [2019]

Millions of men are suffering from this issue Gyno or you can call it Gynecomastia!

They don’t want to disclose this matter and their shirts off in front of the people.

Get Rid Of Gyno

Most of them are shy to talk about this topic and think that the surgery is the last option.

Here, you don’t need to hesitate and first, you release stress before reading an entire blog.

Because we have the solution for you.

Yes! It is possible to get rid of Gyno (Gynecomastia) without any surgery.

There are a lot of natural ways by which you can reduce the gynecomastia.

We have discussed in detail.

If you are aware of Gynecomastia term, so skip the starting part if not, so you should read from the starting.

First of all, you need to learn the basics.

What Is Gynecomastia (Gyno)?

Gynecomastia or Gyno is an enlargement of breast tissue in adult men.

what is gynecomastia
Gynecomastia (Male Breasts)

It is a complex process in which the growth of breast tissues is happening around the Areloa (nipple).

The enlargement is a combination of both excessive breast tissue and accumulation of chest fat.

It is due to the production of estrogen hormone and several other reasons which are discussed below.

Gynecomastia is also called as Man Breasts, Gyno, Moobs, Man Boobs, And Male Breasts.

The rate of gynecomastia is increasing day by day around 17 million day by day in the United States.

This condition becomes gigantic problem day by day and getting worse in the modern world.

Lowering testosterone and increase the rate of chemical consuming foods increase the risk of man boobs.

The treatment is getting more popular due to increase the rate of Gyno.

There are many options are available for the treatment of gynecomastia.

Stages Of Gynecomastia

There are three stages of gynecomastia:

Gyno may see in the different stages of life and they are associated with hormonal changes.

  • It may appear during the neonatal period around 1 month when 70-90% of neonatal breast tissue.
  • The second stage in teenagers around 10-15 years when teenagers have some form of breast tissue.
  • The third stage appears in old age 60-80 years when the hormone level changes.

The boys and teenagers generally feel embarrassing.

There are several causes of gynecomastia and some of the individuals are suffering from the high level of estrogen naturally.

The pubertal gynecomastia can recover and go away when they turn into teenagers and reach to their childhood.

But if your pubertal Gyno does not go away at the age of 20, so you need medical diagnosis and proper diagnosis should be performed.

Try to use the Gyno through diet and exercises.

Classification Of Gynecomastia

There are different classification. Each of them is based on the severity:

Case 1: In this case, you can see minor enlargement without skin excess.

Case 2: In this case, you can see moderate enlargement without any skin excess.

Case 3: in this case, you can see the moderate enlargement combined with skin excess.

Case 4: in this case, you can see very defined enlargement with skin excess.

What Are The Causes Of Gyneocomastia?

There are many Gynecomastia causes, such as the:

  • High level of estrogen

Some of the people are genetically prone to high levels of estrogen hormone.

High Level Of Estrogen:

The condition begins when the overproduction of estrogen stimulate in the body.

There are many causes of estrogen overproduction, such as the:

  1. Gynecomastia
    Male Breasts tissue

    When this relates to the puberty age

  2. Pre-existing medical condition
  3. Side effects of any drug
  4. Excessive alcohol consumption
  5. Overweight
  6. Anabolic steroids
  7. Low level of testosterone

The high level of estrogen can suppress or reduce the male hormone testosterone and support the system to make more fat around the chest and abdomen.

The fat around chest produces an enzyme called as an aromatase that is responsible for the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

The excess level of female hormone “estrogen” result in the development of feminine features such as the growth of breast tissue.

  • Over alcohol consumption can actually reduce the natural hormone testosterone level. Despite fat accumulation, It can affect your health drastically
  • The rate of obesity is higher in most of the countries, the overweight can increase the percentage of body fat and reduce the testosterone levels in males.
  • One of the reason is using steroids. The steroids can cause a variety of complications and adverse effects. Like HGH stacked with an insulin can cause the steroid gut similarly the steroid can develop the gynecomastia.
Side-Effects of Drugs

One of the main reasons for the development of gynecomastia is harsh and toxic agents that are used for the treatment.

Another group of medications is as follows:

  • Anti-androgen drugs
  • Heart and blood pressure medications
  • AIDS medications and chemotherapy agents
  • Antipsychotic, anti-anxiety, and antidepressants.
  • AIDs and chemotherapy agents
  • Illegal drugs

In the past day’s, needle aspiration was performed to diagnose.

The set of operations is included in the:

  1. Proliferation and lengthening of the ducts
  2. Increase in fibroblast and connective tissues
  3. Increase in inflammation and around the swelling

In the modern days, there are several and easy ways to diagnose the Gynecomastia, the most common is observation and find out the history.

If there are complications so further lab-diagnosis will conduct.

8 Proven Ways To Reduce Gynecomastia (Gyno)

I have done the wide research for the best treatment of Gyno (gynecomastia or male breasts).

Proven methods to get rid of gynecomastia
Gynectrol Results

There are many ways to reduce the gynecomastia in which some of them are mentioned as below:

Each option has their advantage as well as disadvantages.

  1. Diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Gynecomastia shirts
  4. Topical creams
  5. Prescription medicines
  6. Supplements
  7. Reduce stress
  8. Surgery

1. Reduce Gynecomastia Through Diet

The diet is a great way to reduce the fat lumps and related complications.

not fat if you want to lose male breasts
Cut out carbs

Mostly the breast contains lipids so it is important to cut down excess fat from your foods.

First of all, you need to manage the calorie intake thus, the excess fat turn to usable energy.

Counting calories can reduce the fat result in the reduction of man boobs.

Check out your food list because some of the foods are responsible for boost up the testosterone production.

Some specific foods are imbalance the testosterone and estrogen balance.

In the beginning, avoid all those foods that are rich in the estrogen hormone

Avoid Pro-Estrogen Foods:

  • Dry fruits
  • Flaxseed
  • Peas
  • Beans
  • Sesame seeds
  • Soybean
  • Bran cereals
  • Chickpeas
  • Tofu
  • Alfalfa sprouts

The list of foods are not completed.

It Is a fact that your diet plays the major role in the development of body type.

2. Exercises

The best way to reduce the male breast incorporates the specific exercises that can target the chest area.

The bench workout and use of heavy weights can work with a pectoral muscle of the body.

Focus on the aerobic exercises rather than anaerobic.

  • Interval Training: The interval training is a combination of short and intense exercises that can burn out the more calories and fat.
  • Seated Row: This exercise can work with the pectoral muscles to develop stronger chest and reduce the fat content.
  • Push Up: The Push-up exercise is good for reducing the breast tissue, changing position of arms and hands can target your chest as well. Flys and dips are also the best workout and provide the best results.
  • Dumbbell Incline Press: This exercise works with your upper chest and makes your chest more defined.
  • Aerobic Exercises: The aerobic exercises are also working perfectly because it can burn the excess fat from all over the body and tighten muscle tissue.

Note: the bodybuilders face the difficulty most of the time because they are used to do bulking exercises for muscle building

So, it is important to select the cutting exercises.

3. Gynecomastia Shirts

The mild level of gynecomastia can reduce by wearing gynecomastia shirts.

Body Flat Chest Shaper Vest Shirt
Gynecomastia Compression Shirt

The gynecomastia shirts also prevent the Gyno development.

These shirts are the compression shirt that can compress the chest.

Go for compression shirts is basically a cheap option, you can easily buy the compression shirts for less than  $40-$50.

These shirts deliver the fast effect and you don’t need to spend extra time on the other activities.

The only drawback is that you may feel unease after a few days of wearing.

4. Topical Creams

Despite diet and exercises, topical creams are another option for the reduction of male boobs and prevent the Gyno development.

The creams are manufactured with natural ingredients and have some unique properties.

The most famous cream is Gynexol that is made up of the guggulsterones and theobromine cacao.

This method is very easy to use, the cream on the chest will absorb into the skin and you will see the quite reduction in excess fat.

These ingredients have an ability to reduce the inflammation.

These creams can also hydrate and smooth the skin.

The only drawback is that the result is not instant and take time to show up the result.

5. Prescription Medicines

The prescription medicines are also available for reducing the excessive breast tissue.

The prescription medicines can alter the body composition and comes with many side effects.

These pills require the prescription for consumption, you need to go for the prescription.

6. Gynecomastia Supplements

The gynecomastia supplements are one of the selling products on the market nowadays due to increased cases.

They are fast growing segments of an entire natural supplement.

Gynectrol Gyno supplements For Sale

The main mode of action of this supplement is to balance the estrogen and testosterone level.

a) Gynectrol:

Gynectrol has been on the market for around 3 years.

It is the non-surgical gynecomastia treatment option that can permanently rid the gynecomastia.

  • The cost of the supplements is affordable and has many other benefits.
  • Ideal for those who don’t want to pay more amount from their pocket.
  • You don’t need to suffer from the stitches and hospitalization.

This option can work very well when you keep regulating calorie intake and follow a proper workout routine

b) Gynexin:

Gynexin is the combination of green tea extract and others that give you health benefits and antioxidants remove the free radicals.

The chromium plays a role to maintain the healthy and stable metabolisms.

c) Post Cycle Therapy: (Solution For Steroid Users )

We all know that individuals who use steroids are more susceptible to developing the gynecomastia.

Steroids can imbalance the equilibrium of hormones in your body more specifically, it can raise the estrogen hormone.

It can affect a lot of bodybuilders including newbie gains, but if they keep monitoring their steroid cycle, so they can prevent these types of complications.

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is an option for all the steroid users to get rid of gynecomastia.

More commonly, the PCT stack consists of the following products:

  • Aromatise inhibitor
  • Testosterone booster
  • Selective estrogen molecule (SERM)

Aromatase enzyme is one of the most enemies for all men.

This enzyme is responsible for the conversion of testosterone into estrogen hormone.

These all three play a role to prevent you from the enlargement of breast tissues.

The Post cycle Therapy can regulate the estrogen production and prevent the development.

Post Cycle Therapy can help you to restore the muscle mass and to restore the figure.

But, there are some possible side effects such as a headache, leg cramps, thinning of hair, tangling of the skin, and erectile dysfunction.

7. Reduce Stress

It may depress for a man to develop breast like a woman.

Despite many natural ways, you must reduce the stress level.

Stress can reduce the testosterone level that may result in the fat gain all over the body.

There are many ways to reduce the stress, such as exercises, diet, and sleep.

Take proper sleep 7-8 hours can actually increase the natural hormone.

8. Gynecomastia Surgery

The surgery is not a good option and very expensive, but It is conducted when there are calcification and cancerous lumps.

Gynecomastia Surgery
Side Effects of Gynecomastia Surgery

The chronic type of gynecomastia requires the removal of glandular breast tissue.

The surgery for breast reduction has the most done procedures in the year 2015.

Specialize surgeon can give you the 100% success rate.

This method is very fast and convenient.

You may spend the total time period for gynecomastia surgery is around 4 days and the results are incredible that you have a completely flat chest.

This option works very fast, and completely resolve the gynecomastia.

You need the $6000-$8500 for gynecomastia surgery cost.

Some Important Tips:

If you want to reduce excess fat from the chest area, so try to keep follow some of the crucial tips which are mentioned as below:

  • Don’t try the heavy chest exercises because it can harden the muscle and make more difficult to reduce.
  • The cardio can balance the hormone secretion that causes the gynecomastia.
  • Push-ups can help your chest to tighten and reduce the size.


We have discussed almost everything in this blog, but there is more about this topic which is left.

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There are many home remedies are discovered for the reduction of gynecomastia and each method is unique.

You have already found the information related to diet, exercise, and supplements.

The prescription medicines have many side-effects while surgery should your last option when every method fail to work.

The compression shirts particularly use for moderate cases.

The oral supplements and topical creams can deliver you a good result and they are natural.

Our suggestion is Gynectrol, if you check out the ingredients of this product so all are natural and completely safe.