What Are The Best Protein Rich Foods For Bodybuilders?

Protein Rich Foods

The bodybuilding requires improved health of the body to achieve lean muscles and well-defined shape of the body.

In order to see the best and effective result from a training, nutrition is essential.

An aesthetic physique is perfectly achieved by engaging yourself in different activities that can help you to build up the muscle and burn up the excess fat as well.

When it comes to packing pounds of pure and lean muscle mass so, diet is the most crucial part of the bodybuilding program.

The ca but if your diet is not properly managed so, you never achieve your desired physique.

The body is highly dependent on the foods and supplements to massive or huge gains.

Gaining muscle is not an easy task and means a lot but, it means a lot for the skinny guys over the world.

Eating simple diet does not only build up the muscles you need a lot of workouts, nutrition, and the recovery time period.

Concerning about goals surely make you understand about exact knowledge of nutrition.

The role of protein in the building of muscle is very important. Before entering a bodybuilding field, you should read this article.

In this article, you can easily find a detailed review of protein rich-foods that may give readers good knowledge.

The Importance Of Nutrition

Together with workouts, nutrition plays a very important role.

You may hear “You are what you eat” and it means a lot in the bodybuilding.

Most of the beginners are unaware of the proper nutrition for muscle-building.

The muscle definition requires hard work and proper nutrition to achieve lean gains.

Fortunately, every bodybuilder wants his diet proper and accurate.

Make sure, your calories are in normal range, proper distribution of nutrition, protein, carbohydrates, and macronutrients.

Each of the macro and nutrients has different impact or function on your body.

Macro-nutrient is required by the body in a large range, micronutrients and the vitamins are required by the body in a small range.

All of the nutrients are important and you can manage by tracking or record in a journal.

Protein is one of the most essential or king nutrient in the muscle-building.

What Is The Protein?

The word of protein is derived by the Dutch Chemist and building block of amino acids monomers.

Protein is a key component or an essential micronutrient for repairing of muscle and stimulate the growth.

Consuming the right kind of protein is important for building the muscle and to get a perfect physique.

Concerning about goals surely make you understand about positive protein synthesis and the nitrogen balance.

The positive nitrogen balance is essential for muscle building. You need to take protein at every 3 to 4 hours.

Protein is important in a bodybuilding because it has effects on the muscle growth and regulation of hormones as well.

It is responsible for stimulating the nitrogen retention that initiates a process of protein synthesis for a growth of muscles.

The Sources Of Protein

There are many individuals who are concerned about the sources of protein.

Protein Sources
vegan protein sources
  • The hypersensitive peoples are concerned about a type of essential amino acids.
  • What type of energy is provided by this value product?
  • Are these protein are really digestible?

Most of the individuals prefer intake of protein from natural sources such as egg whites, vegetable proteins, and fruits.

Well, it is also important to know that how much proteins are required by the body for muscle building and provide energy.

Research your study to know about protein ratio.

Protein Rich Foods

Here are some important types of foods are listed to build up the muscle for achieving a perfect physique.

The availability of protein-rich foods is a greater choice for every bodybuilder.

There is an infinite number of choices in protein-rich foods are available for the building of muscle in which some of them are mentioned below:

1) Dairy Products (Whey And Casein):

Dairy products are considered as the best one when you are looking for protein.

Whey and casein are two types of protein that is found in the dairy products.

Whey protein is usually found in the dairy products and it is important for the building of muscle and absorbed quickly from the blood.

Casein has consisted of 80% of the protein that is found in the milk, you can take the Casein from Greek Yogurt.

The 20% of the protein found in the milk while 80% is present in the casein.

The superior protein is quickly absorbed and active. Both of the proteins are based on the breakdown of muscle and build up the bigger muscles.

You can consider cottage cheese, yogurt, milk, whey, and casein.

2) Greek yogurt:

Another name of Greek yogurt is strained yogurt that is very thick in nature.

The yogurt is delicious in nature, creamy in nature, and has consisted of many nutrients.

It offers 48% of calories and 100 amount of calories.

3) Salmon:

Salmon includes in the sea-food that is used for building up the muscle mass.

It contains the omega-3 fats that increase insulin sensitivity.

The sea foods are white fishes, tilapia, and bass that are good for the bodybuilders.

4) Bananas:

Bananas are an ideal fruit that responses very well after doing the workout.

It offers high-calories and starch to maintained energy levels.

5) Pea Protein:

The pea protein consisted of glutamine or various amino acids to build up the muscles.

It is the most popular among the vegetarians who have an allergy to meat products.

The pea protein is made up from the high fiber legume and it finds rich in the Branched Chain amino acid supplements.

It has the ability to release the hormones that can suppress an appetite level and make you full.

6) Chicken:

Chicken is a very rich source of protein. The six-ounce chicken breast has almost consisted of 54 grams of the protein.

Healthy chicken

It helps the bodybuilders to get strong or bigger.

The chicken is low in fat, high in protein and consisted of essential amino acids.

Along with protein benefits, it is an excellent source of saturated and trans fat.

The chicken breast offers 172 calories, 0% carbohydrates, 48% of the protein, and 48% of fat.

The turkey offers 119 calories, 0% carbohydrates, 22% of fat, and 73% of protein.

The turkey is lean ground, low cost, and contains low-fat.

7) Eggs:

The egg is a popular part or choice of gold standard of every bodybuilder in their nutrition. It is one of the purest forms of protein as compared to other diets.

A very large portion of the protein is utilized by the eggs for the synthesis of protein.

It also consists of carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins.

You can get 50 calories, 84% of protein, 0% fat, cholesterol, vitamin D, and 8% of carbohydrates.

Mostly, the bodybuilders prefer 7 to 8 eggs for a building of muscle when their goal is for bulking.

The eggs are convenient and easy to use.

8) Quinoa

Quinoa has consisted of almost nine essential amino acids for a building of muscle.

It is the best source to keep you feeling full, slower the digestion process, and speed up the recovery process.

9) Soy:

Soy is derived from a plant and well known in a bodybuilding.
The source of soy protein is tofu and edamame bars.

10) Beef:

Beef is rich in protein and amino acids such as the leucine. The CLA fats in beef help to build up the muscle and burn off excess fat.

The iron helps you to improve energy levels from an intense workout.

All of the zinc, creatine, and leucine are essential for the building of muscle.

Not only protein, but it also contains essential nutrients such as zinc and creatine.

11) Sea-food:

If you want to take protein so, sea-foods are on the top-list.

Not only bodybuilders, but it is also recommended to normal individual twice a week.

12) High Protein Grains:

You can consider oat, wild rice, quinoa, and whole wheat pasta for high protein.

These foods contain calories, carbohydrates, and Vitamin B.

Only lean meat is not important for the building of muscle, the beans are also delicious in taste and offer delicious nutrients, fiber, and the protein.

The fiber is more important for maintaining regular and healthy bowel movement.

The kidney beans offer 29 calories, 58% of protein, 17% of fat, and 57% of carbohydrates.

The lima beans have consisted of 113 calories, 71% carbohydrates, 24% protein, and 7% of fat.

The navy beans offer 67 calories, 9% of fat, 78% carbohydrates, and 37% of protein.

13) Canned Foods:

It is most commonly observed that some of the bodybuilders does not have time to prepare the foods.

The canned foods are discovered for their ease and save time.

The canned seafood, canned chicken, and canned beans, canned salmon that contains all of the essential nutrients that are required by the body.

They provide benefits to the bodybuilders and relatively inexpensive.

14) Nutritional Yeast:

The nutritional yeast is widely and commercially available in a market and you can easily consume.

15) Almonds:

Almonds are a popular type of nut that is consisted of manganese, fiber, and vitamin E.

16) Lean Red Meat:

The lean meat are an excellent source for building up the muscle. These contain protein, zinc, iron, and Vitamins B.

The red meats are usually high in calories and excellent choice for the hard gainers.

You can take the lean meats from chicken, fish, and turkey as well.

17) Potatoes:

Potatoes contain around all types of nutrients such as starchy carbohydrates, proteins, and different nutrients.

Moreover, potatoes are a good source for protein.

18) Water:

Together with protein sources, drinking water up to 70% can hydrate you. All of the muscles, tissues, and ligaments are made up of water.

The bodybuilders may drink 10 liters of water per day. It makes the body to transport nutrients and the supplements effectively.

For an average person, the suggested amount of water is 8 to 12 cups of water per day.

The common cause of water loss is increased stress, sweating, hot environments, and the consumption of alcohol.

Despite bodybuilding benefits of water, there are many other benefits such as healthier skin, teeth and bones, healthier mind or body, reduces fatigue, and help in the weight loss.

You need to hydrate yourself before following any exercise in order to prevent fluid loss.

If you are drinking caffeine so, increase your intake of water.

The Protein Supplements

Most of the fitness enthusiasts and trainers suggested the protein supplement for the muscle growth.

protein supplements for bodybuilder
Protein Powders

It is hard to get the protein from foods only while supplements can fulfill this deficiency and makes an easier task.

You can take the protein shakes supplement for pre-workout, post-workout, before bed, and between the meals.

These supplements allow growth, recovery, reduced hunger pangs or cravings, and support metabolic activities.

If you don’t have time to take protein from foods so, you can adjust it with a replacement protein shakes or drinks, and energy bars.

Adding of protein the breakfast may allow you to feel full and suppressing an appetite throughout a day.

The protein powders are the option for those people who don’t want to intake protein from the foods.

The protein powders are plant and animal based such as eggs, dairy, rice, and peas.’

The most common form of the protein powder is:

  • Protein concentrates
  • Protein Isolates
  • Protein hydrolysates

The most common form of the protein powders are based on;

  • whey protein
  • casein protein
  • egg protein
  • pea protein
  • hemp protein
  • Brown rice protein
  • Mixed plant proteins
  • Protein Powder For Muscle Gain:
  • Optimum nutrition whey protein
  • Dymatize Nutrition Elite whey protein
  • EAS 100% whey protein
  • Protein Powder For Weight Loss:
  • Jay robb grass-fed whey protein
  • EAS whey + casein protein
  • Optimum nutrition 100% casein protein

For vegetarians:

  • Vega one all in-one nutritional shake
  • MRM veggie elite

Only protein foods are not building up the maximum muscle mass, you need to combine with an intense type of workouts such as strength and weight-training.

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