Eoin McSorley, Editor

Eoin McSorley is a magazine editor and journalist. He was part of the launch team at Front magazine, a title he went on to edit for three years, before moving to Maxim. He then went on to become the launch editor of the weekly digital magazine Monkey.  Eoin has been a huge boxing fan ever since the age of 11 when he climbed into the ring at his local boys club. He climbed out of that ring after 32 seconds and has been a fan on the other side of the rope ever since. Viewers of very late night satellite television will possibly recognise him as a commentator on ‘Britain’s Toughest Pubs’ and ‘Britain’s Toughest Seasides’.

James Ankobia, Deputy editor

James is a sports journalist with an unquenchable appetite for boxing. Being of Ghanaian decent, James claims that boxing is in his blood and would have been his profession if he had remained on the West African fight lands. Having worked for Zoo magazine for three years, James drove their boxing content with such features as sparring with Frankie Gavin, interviewing Carl Froch’s missus while the super middleweight stood over his shoulder, and discussing the merits of throwing US dollars around in clubs with Floyd Mayweather Jnr.

Leon Wingham, Publisher

Leon has spent the last 15 years working in the publishing industry – a career that has allowed him to travel the world and experience many different cultures. His love of boxing stretches back to his childhood when the likes of Marvin Hagler, Mike Tyson and Roberto Duran dominated the sport in what must surely be considered as a golden age for the sport. A self confessed gadget-freak, he is never happier than when playing with a new toy or getting to grips with the latest social-media trends.

Dean Baker, Director

Dean is an F.A Licensed football agent and currently represents 40 clients with a number of full and youth international players in his stable. Dean has successfully negotiated over 300 player contracts with Premier League and Football League clubs but works hard with those same players to prepare for life after football. Footballers also have the knowledge, support and funding of the Professional Footballers Association behind them to prepare for a career outside of the sport. Dean would like to repplicate a similar service with educational and employment opportunities for fighters through Boxing Futures.
Dean is a hugely passionate and active boxing fan, often attending professional and amateur shows from the York Hall to the MGM Grand Arena.

Micky Cantwell

Micky Cantwell is a former Double ABA Champion, an England International, British Flyweight Champion & World Title Challenger. He Played Liam in the film Snatch and is currently a commentator for Hatton TV.

Every fighter who walks up those steps and gets into a Boxing ring, be it a raw novice or World Champion is a very brave person. At Boxing Futures we want to support their dream of becoming the best they can be, and along the way encourage them also to look at the possibility of a career alongside Boxing when they finish. It’s really important boxers have something else they can enjoy and earn a living from, this is the toughest and best sport in the world but only a small percentage of boxers successfully earn enough money when their fighting career is over. So in those spare hours away from your training schedule, have a look at the Education and jobs on offer, there could be something you might fancy. Guard your career, it’s in your hands and the team at BF are here to help.