Why You Should Warm Up Before Weight Training Workout?

warm up training guide

Why you should pay special emphasis on warming up before weight training workout?

We generally assume warming up as something insignificant before we start our workouts.

Having a little to no idea about how beginning with our trainings before making our body ready for it can lead us to a potential injury.

And not just the injury, chances are that overlooking the warming up sessions can cause the trainings to generate unsatisfactory results at all.

At times, people don’t miss their warm-ups but take it as a formality.

They simply carry out an inadequate amount of reps and consider it enough.

However, in both the cases, it is important to note that undervaluing warm-ups is regarded as wrong.

It is something which is just not acceptable specifically if your focus is towards the weight training exercises.

Why and How much you Should Warm Up before your Weight Trainings?

There are two clear reasons why warm-ups are recommended before one begins to lift weight:

  • It minimizes the chances of potential injury associated with it.
  • It brings your muscles in a better position to lift extra weight that is an absolute favorable situation for any weight lifter.

Secondly, a warm-up session should last for a period of 15 minutes which the experts believe as idyllic.

The Right Way to Warm Up Before Your Weight Trainings

It’s always good to learn the right day of warming your body up.

After all, your training results are reasonably dependent on it.

Now keep this in mind that you need to divide your warm-up into two halves:

1) Cardiovascular Exercises

It will take some five to ten minutes from you and will comprise of simple cardio exercises.

Now since your mere aim at this point is to start up your engine, you need not to go very fast.

Simple exercises will work here, something like treadmill, cycling or rowing.

Precisely, this is the time when you brace your body and your mind for the stress and pressure about to hit.

By the end of this segment, you will be ready in the following ways:

  • Your joints will be ‘greased’ just like an engine.
  • Your temperature along with your heart rate will speed up.

All these will be a signal for you to move ahead to the second part of your warm-up.

2) Weight Training

As you reach here, think of your weight training program.

If it aims to target your arms in the start, you will perform the first exercise of that very program in this part.

But, all you need to do is 5 sets and not more.

Plus, the rules with this part are no different from those of the former part.

So go with something light but with high reps, so that you can easily progress to the heavier load when the time comes.

Keep in mind that your aim at this point is to boost your blood distribution reaching to the muscles.

And prepare your mind for the extreme weights, waiting for you ahead.

Hence, choose light so that your muscles are ready and not tired already.

To sum up

You may have probably understood why the experts always stress the significance of warming up before working out.

weight training guide

Not just it lowers your chances of experiencing any sort of potential injury, but also improves your overall results from the trainings by and large.

And let’s not forget, if your body is prepared for what you are about to do and how you expect it to react in exchange, don’t you think it will be performing in its full potential?

Think about it.

I mean, all you need to do is give your body something as little as 15 minutes and witness it taking charge!

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