What Is Tempo Training and How Can It Improve Your Strength And Muscle Gains?

Tempo training

If you are aware from the sport so, definitely knows about the tempo training.

I hear many individuals and the runners that are talking about Tempo runs. There is a lot of mis-conceptions are surrounding about the tempo-training.

While, there are many guys who have observed benefits in order to get the strength and increased muscle hypertrophy.

The elite lifters may gain a sheer amount of weight that can be lifted.

In the actual, what are the tempo-workout?

You need to know the basic knowledge of tempo training and how can you incorporate in the current workout program?

What Is The Tempo Training?

The tempo workouts are one of the favorite that makes you feel stronger and fitter in the body. 

The other name of the tempo training is called as an anaerobic threshold with 25 to 30 seconds of the rest time period.

The tempo workout is perfect for increased endurance level. It is very clear that the tempo-training is important.

How to use Training Tempo

There is a difference between the race as well as the tempo run, the tempo moves may reduce the level of fatigue rapidly at least 20 minutes.

Without following too many technical techniques, the tempo-training is good for burning the carbohydrates, and clearance the entire level.

Tempo training is one of the perfect workout to add in the program. This training is suitable for both beginner and expert.

The purpose of tempo workouts is building up the muscle mass and increased endurance level.

The tempo is a most basic form where your muscle under the tension for few repetitions.

  • The faster tempo will generate the faster response
  • The slower tempo stimulates the growth of more muscle tissue and generates the hypertrophy response.

Both of the combination used in a whole part of the training program. 

How Does The Tempo Training Works?

There are total four phases of the movements, numbers, and phases as well.

The tempo training works in the four different ways:

  1. Eccentric contraction  (for a lengthening of muscle)
  2. Pause (end ROM)
  3. Concentric contraction (Shortening of muscle)
  4. Pause (top ROM)
The Tempo Training Sample
Exercise Time Period Phases
Biceps curls 1 second Eccentric
0 second Pause
1 second Concentric
O second Pause
Over head press 2 second Eccentric
1 second Pause  
0 second Pause

Why Tempo Training Is Important?

One of the beneficial points of tempo training is that you can easily develop the control as well as stimulate the muscle hypertrophy.

How Tempo Training Works

The tempo workouts are beneficial for the runner and athletes as well.

The tempo training best for many reasons in which some of them are mentioned below;

  • The body can hold up the more weight around 130%. The reason is that there is no any issue for lowering the weight and do heavy bench to press.
  • The eccentric contraction allows lengthening of the muscle to become more elastic as well as explosive.

The tempo training is about that how much you have the ability to do the bench but it’s how much you are more functional in your fitness.

For many aspects, lifting heavier weights with complete control is the most integral component of the bodybuilding.

The most important part of the tempo training is that you should lift while in control or the weight controls you

The tempo is the repetition of speed and control.

You should get to the point where you can easily:

  • Squat over 350
  • Bench over 300
  • Deadlift over 400

Do you ever think that the guy beside you lowering the weight slowly and doing the squats in a high motion.

If you want to maximize the strength to make sure, your tempo-training is perfect, weight, sets, and the reps as well.

Use tempo-training for improving the strength and progression in order to make easy and more difficult.

  • Tempo Runs Help You To Get Faster:

According to the physiologist, athletes get benefits from the tempo runs because the physiological adaption are specific.

Tempo runs provide the many benefit in longer races. It makes an ideal to begin a program.

  • The Mental Benefits Of Tempo Runs:

Individuals who are doing the temple runs result in the fitness and the mental strength as well.

The tempo workouts help to feel the athlete improved focus, concentration, and has positive effects on both psychological and as well as the physiological.

Training with speeds is better and consisted of all effort. The overall concentration required the mental sharpness.

  • The Endurance:

By this training, you will get an improved level of the endurance.

  • Combined with a consistent type of workout every week
  • Also, focus on the aerobic workouts
  • Increased volume strategically

Use Tempo Training In The Various Forms

Forms of Tempo Training

The tempo training is good from the pure strength training, calisthenics, and the tempo-training for adding the muscle mass, improved strength, and the performance as well.

  • Calisthenics:

The most calisthenics program is the tempo variance.

There are two main ways to incorporate the calisthenics such as higher tempo and pause reps.

One of the most crucial points is that increasing an amount of resistance with muscle will add more weight and stimulate hypertrophy for the growth.

  • Strength Training:

The tempo training is the main part of strength. The higher degree of stress tends to stimulate improved strength and performance as well. The strength training is more crucial and allows you to take more benefits related to health.

It is impossible to think whether a power lifter, strong man, and the strength athlete never add the tempo-training.

The most basic levels is that understand about all movements that are specific to the rep and lift up the weight as much as possible.

Dmirty Klokov and Charles Poliquin always recommend the tempo training when it is about the strength.

Both tempo and tempo variances are a very effective tool for strength training and other types of fitness. 

In order to maximize the muscle growth, you need to improve to overall strength of the body.

There are many benefits of the strength training in which some of them are mentioned below:

  • It makes you stronger and fitter
  • It protects health of bone and muscle mass
  • Control the weight
  • Developed defined body
  • Improved mood and energy levels
  • Manage chronic disease

Variations (Advanced level)

The tempo runs is very simple or may be boring but, imagination and the changes may allow you to perform a workout with a fun.

The tempo training combined with a circuit program plays an important role to improve endurance and stress level.

Adding the strength training allow you to recover rapidly and balance a circulation of the blood.

Set the variations according to the beginner runners, runners with a long injury history, and the advanced runners.

High Five Tempo Workout:

The high five tempo workout is breaking into the segments. This is the challenging workout.

  • First of all, start to warm up for around three minutes.
  • Run easy for around five minutes
  • Repeat this four times, the effort for five minutes, and easy jogging following by the two minutes.
  • Cool down yourself for three minutes.

Two Tempo Workout:

  • This can build up the stamina for a longer period of times and the 10 minutes.
  • Begin the warm-up for three minutes.
  • Run your path easy and follow the zone for around five minutes.
  • Do the tempo for around 10 minutes that are followed by easy jogging.
  • Repeat and then run it again
  • Cool down yourself for 3 minutes after the walking

The Classic Tempo Workout:

This is the most traditional type of workout that is combined with the warm up period.

  • Warm up yourself by walking for three minutes.
  • Start and then run again for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Run easy and follow the workout for three minutes.

The Hilly Tempo Workout:

This workout helps you to gain the strength as well as stamina. One thing is that you should keep your effort greater and slowing on the ups and pushing downs as well.

The strategic changes allow to make the significant variety.

  • First of all, you need the war- up for around three minutes.
  • Run easy and then allow yourself for climbing 10 minutes of the time period.
  • Start with 20 minutes of the workout and then gradually ramp
  • Run and easy for 10 minutes of workout
  • Cool down yourself for around 30 minutes.  

Sustained Tempo Runs:

This workout including running for one blocking at pace.

In this workout, there is no need of recovery time period required.

The estimated range is 7 miles with 3-5 tempo pace.

Those who do not do any type of training before usually start from 10-15 minutes.

Tempo Repetitions:

The tempo workout is similar to other workout but, there is a difference of your own tempo pace.

The recovery time period should adjust to 60-90 seconds longer.

In the tempo repetitions, the pace can be slightly faster as well as the recovery.

How To Add The Tempo Runs Into The Training?

You can add the tempo workouts in your weekly and the daily routine as well.

It is your choice that whether you are in the fitness or look up for personal records.

These result in the gaining of speed and improved level of endurance.

How To Perform?

Benefits of Tempo Training

If you are not popularly familiar with these workouts make sure, you should first complete the study.

Use all the methods properly in order to correctly utilize the temp techniques.

If your program is quite simple or basic so, follow the traditional strength.

Incorporating more tempo training in your program will help you to find out the more strength and performance within a short period of time.

Training at the higher weight considered is the most important part for the muscle growth and to track down the progress.

  1. Hard:

You can adjust the pace to moderate from the harder. High training age with a combination of many efforts helps your body in the defined shape.

  • Effects of Pace:

Different runners have a different space for several distances. There are a variety of pace as 5: 25 per mile, 5:29 per mile, and 5: 37 per mile.

  • The Heart Rate:

In the tempo training, you should take care of a count of the heart rate. Before performing this move, you need to count the heart rate.

  • Increased Repetitions:

Most of the people prefer many repetitions when they are not actually follow up the strength training.

Benching off 150 for 5 reps and do 150 for almost 8 reps is a clear sign to increase the performance level.

  • Slow It Down:

Try to slow down the process every rep. focusing on controlling rep is actually called as the tempo.

The reason is that making muscle under the high pressure creates more muscle trauma and a greater response of the muscle.

It also affects the strength, stability and core strength. Adding more sets result in the improved condition and calorie count.

The effect of the heavyweight is different as compared to following the more reps.

You can perform the squat 3-4 set or 6-8 reps and 3-5 seconds that targets the lower body.

  • Make the perfect form:

Slower techniques of the tempo training may cause the weak muscles. 

For example, If your knees start to collapse and then glutes are firing, all you need to push your knees.

What You Should Do While Doing The Tempo Training?

During the tempo training, you should concern a few points in your mind.

  • Make your muscle to pick up the less weight with a combination of high tempo
  • Use tempo training to allow the muscle for greater resistance combined with the movements
  • Increase your tempo resistance by enlarging the training time duration.

What You Should Avoid During The Tempo Training?

  • Don’t increase the overload directly
  • Always begin a workout with a concentric tempo scheme
  • Add pause as well as reps on every workout
  • Never combined tempo with HITT training


While following the tempo training, you may add some of the fun workouts to increase your interest level.

The purpose of tempo training workout is to improve your overall health.

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